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new [May. 19th, 2005|09:55 pm]
[How I Feel.... |confusedconfused]
[What I Hear... |dust in the wind]

New email address!!!



today after school was fun...
heather came down after school.. then james showed up.. then robbie.. then kylene.. then jordan! haha house party! lol
@ 7 everyone left and i didn;'t wanna be alone so i went out to james to get nate @ work.. haha i love drivin with james! fun fun!
@ nates work we got cake! holy it was sweet! i couldn't finish it! haha then he threw me into the backseat! i liked my front seat! grrr
then i got home about 9 and have been on the computer since! woohoo haha

it may not seem that i care much about the breakup.. but i do... i really do.. but i try to keep myself occupied.. cuz i don't wanna be depressed about it...
i'm so sorry... still askin for your forgiveness
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well... [May. 18th, 2005|11:15 pm]
well yesterday i was in a mock car accident with kylene.. it was alot of fun.. but i am glad it was fake.. it would have been so scary if it was real!

and today.. sucked... once again... dan and i broke up... yea.. a real break up.. not a fake one....

thats all.. goodnight
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just on a rampage i guess [May. 15th, 2005|10:03 pm]
[How I Feel.... |confusedwondering...]
[What I Hear... |*The Best Day*]

just in one of those *state my opinion* kind of moods... if u don't wanna hear them or don't like them.. i really don't care.. so u can just stop readin now

~i agree with kylene *and i am the one with a boyfriend?! how odd* but love?! what is it really?! how does it really exist?! people say i love you to everyone they are with... without ever knowin if it was real or whatever.. they just said it to get what they wanted.
 its horrible when the same things are said to each girl/boy that they are with... i mean.. people aren't dumb! they can ask if people have said the same things to each other! grrr makes me mad

 ~i love my friends with all my heart... and i don't care who you are.. but no one can tell me who i can and can't hang out with! thats just wrong! i like to be free... not be told what i am to do! and nothing comes before them!

~who i am is who i am.. i won't be changed.. i like bein me.. and my friends love me for who i am.. i ain't gonna change for one person

~i have a strong opinion on subjects.. yea most prolly don't agree with them... but i mean... its what i think and no one is gonna change that

well.. as you can tell.. overall.. i am just statin the fact that i ain't gonna change who i am and what i do for just one person! i got a crapload of others who love me for who i am!


this weekend was sooo much fun! i had a blast and i owe it to my great friends!

~Friday - i went to kylenes and hung out for a while.. haha she burnt the grilled cheeses! but thats usual! lol then i stayed @ heathers for the night.. jordan and clayton came up and hung out with us for awhile.. haha they are idiots! lol

~Saturday - it was prom day! yay! prom was sooo much fun! but it was incrediably hott in there! talk about sweatin to death! after the prom was fun! i stayed @ kylenes.. with her heather and bethany... liz and dan were there till 230 and james stayed till about 330... haha it was fun! heather and i stayed up till about 430 then decided to stop jumpin around and go to bed lol

~Sunday - i did nothing! haha yay! i sat at home alll day long! but if felt good to rest cuz i got like no sleep this weekend! but it was worth it!

<3 you all
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lyrics [May. 6th, 2005|08:57 pm]
[How I Feel.... |boredbored]
[What I Hear... |that used to be us]

I'm in the mood to just look up lyrics of songs i like.. so i decided to share them with you.. you don't like? then stop reading now...



"Last Time"

Like an old abandoned ferris wheel
Time for me is standing still
It's you and me in mid-July
Underneath the midway lights
And all our friends are standing there
So I was acting like I didn't care
When you put your arms around my neck
And I barely even kissed you back

But if I'd known it was the last time
I'd held on a little longer
And let that moment linger
And never let your fingers
Slip away from mine
If I'd known there'd never be another day
I'd watched you as you walked away
Kept you in my eyes till you were out of sight
If I
If I'd known it was the last time

Now the midway lights have all shut down
And grass has grown up all around
It's an empty field across the tracks
But I can't keep from coming back
It was just another summer night
Carousel roller coaster ride
And that silly fight that we got in
Didn't seem so important then

But if I'd known it was the last time
I'd held on a little longer
And let that moment linger
And never let your fingers
Slip away from mine
If I'd known there'd never be another day
I'd watched you as you walked away
Kept you in my eyes till you were out of sight
If I
If I'd known it was the last time

If I'd known then what I know now
I'd never let you disappear into the crowd
Or turn away the way I did
With so much left unsaid
If I
If I'd known it was the last time



"Someone I Used To Know"

There's a picture that I carry
One we made some time ago
When they ask who's in the picture with me
I say just someone I used to know
Just someone, I used to spend some time with
Just a flame, that's lost it's glow
But I don't them of the nights I cried without you
I say just someone I used to know

Just someone, I used to run around with
Just a friend from long ago
I don't tell them, how lost I am without you
I say just someone I used to know

I say just someone I used to know


ok yea.. bored bye
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blah [May. 5th, 2005|09:08 pm]
[How I Feel.... |depresseddepressed]
[What I Hear... |That used to be us]

well.. stayin @ heathers was very fun! haha we raced her lil sisters bikes.. which was quite interestin but killer on the legs! oww!
school.. yea same as usual... boring! this week seems like its taken forever! it feels like it should be saturday or something! but nooo its only thursday! ahhh


do u hate...
~it when you get that feeling of complete emptiness?!
~the knowin that this summer will not be the same as last summer?
~the knowledge that after this summer.. half the people you loved will be gone from this town?!
~the thought of wondering if their ok?!
~knowing your life is gonna have to take a step up?
~facing reality?!

 i know i do... and right now... it sux... to much gonna be changin this summer... way to much...


 my comp may be down for a couple of days.. so.. i guess if u really need me u got my #'s.. if not.. *6078574494* or *2652355*

<3 you all
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yay [May. 2nd, 2005|08:50 pm]
[How I Feel.... |chipperchipper]
[What I Hear... |Your Daddys Son]

today has been actually a pretty good day!
first i made 3 baskets today in gym class... and i am not really the basketball type! haha
then i went drivin... yay! i parallel parked for the frist time and i did awesome! didn't hit the cones and i didn't get to close or to far from the curb!

hehe i haven't felt this good about myself in awhile! i am so happy!
plus my 2 best friends were back in school! so that made my day awesome too hehe

 i am in a good mood - haha ok i am done talkin about my good day!

oh yea...KYLENE and i went to rite aid.. haha thats a good store lol


lets see.. tomorrow i have to work
wed i will not be here cuz i will be @ HEATHERS for the night! yay
thursday my sister is comin home from college
and thats really it for my week so far!


 i'll write later! <3 you all


oh yea.. i will start advertising now.. haha
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(no subject) [May. 1st, 2005|11:13 pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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been awhile [May. 1st, 2005|06:01 pm]
[How I Feel.... |bouncybouncy]
[What I Hear... |There is]

well.. lets see.. what is new with me.. not much really! haha

finally got my pics developed! and got a new scanner/copier/printer! woo! i love it! and i set it up! uh ha thats right! HandyGirl Taran! haha

i had no heather and kylene for 3 days! :( i was very sad! and bored in all my classes!

i went shoppin friday! hehe with dan! lol and uhh.. thats really it ahha there is my weekend for ya!

i went drivin today! yesssss i did pretty good if i may say so myself haha
i can get my license whenever i want now - jut gotta get in those dumb hours!

well.. thats about it.. i guess i will write sometime later when i have something interesting to write about!

look @ my pictures @ http://community.webshots.com/user/taranalwine
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out of total boredness [Apr. 26th, 2005|10:24 pm]
[How I Feel.... |blahblah]
[What I Hear... |let me let go *faith hill*]

haha i stole this from kylene.. cuz i am really bored.. and just seein how many people would actually fill this out! haha then again.. i am afraid to see what some people would write! haha *don't forget to put ur names!*


What Would You Do If:*~
» I died from natural causes:
» I said I liked you:
» I kissed you:
» I lived next door to you:
» I started smoking:
» I stole something:
» I was hospitalized:
» I ran away from home:
» I got into a fight and you weren't there:
~*What Do You Think About My:*~
» Personality:
» Eyes:
» Hair:
» Family:
~*Would You:*~
» Be my friend?:
» Keep a secret if I told you one?:
» Hold my hand?:
» Take a bullet for me?:
» Keep in touch?:
» Try and solve my problems?:
» Love me?:
» Date me?:
~*Have You Ever:*~
» Lied to make me feel better?:
» Wanted to kiss me?:
» Wanted to kill me?:
» Kept something important from me?:
» Thought I was unbearably annoying?:
~*::And More::*~
» Who are you?
» Are we friends?
» When and how did we meet?
» Describe me in one word.
» What was your first impression?
» Do you still think that way about me now?
» What reminds you of me?
» If you could give me anything what would it be?
» How well do you know me?
» When's the last time you saw me?
» Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
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so? [Apr. 25th, 2005|04:53 pm]
[How I Feel.... |depresseddepressed]
[What I Hear... |babygirl *sugarland*]

so this is where it ends?
this is where we say goodbye?
because of some stupid ideas?
what we had
we are gonna let it fade that quick?
so it wasn't as true as we believed?
so this is how it ends?

i really don't understand anything that is going on right now... i'm rather confused about most of it... but it all keeps adding up... how this all happened... i don't even know... just randomly one day it all just exploded...
is my life really that important to others? how i spend my life... is how i spend it.. right? should it make others mad or aggrivated with me? if it does... i do not understand why... but i guess there is alot i do not understand...
i thought i had everything figured out.. i had the worlds greatest friends... and it all came crashing down on me? why? what did i do to deserve this?
yes... i DID hang out with dan alot... but... i never knew that bugged you... you never told me or asked me to if i wanted to do anything a certain night... i'm sorry if that hurt you.. it hurt me 2...
but is this how we are gonna end it? we aren't gonna try to fix it? if our frienship that was so strong.. can just die out like this... what was it really?
i still care for you more than anything.. i'd still die for you.. but... would u do that for me? i used to think you would.. but now i am not to sure...


for everyone... remember last summer... what happened after that? :-\
what happened to us?
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